Child's Apron - Mauve Dotty with Appliqué Cupcake

Child's Apron - Mauve Dotty with Appliqué Cupcake

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Gorgeous child's apron in mauve dotty with a gingham pocket with an appliqué cupcake hand stitched with cute mini buttons.

Apron strings are made so that you can easily untie them to alter the height to give you a more snug fit and grow with the child so they last that bit longer!

Choose from Age 3-7 or 8-12 (these ages are a rough guide as each child is different but please remember the apron strings can be untied to alter the fit.  Older children may benefit from an adult sized apron as they will grow into this and it will last a lot longer. 

100% cotton and washable.

And dont forget there are matching baking bags which make a perfect gift for a budding little baker!

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